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Featuring sculptures owned by the College and outdoor works exhibited on the campus.

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Apollo Belvedere--front view
Bronze copy after the famous ancient statue by Leochares. Apollo's head is wreathed. He is naked but for a cape over his extended right arm, and a pair of sandals. The right hand is holding a small baton. Apollo's head is turned to the right. The…

Flying Mercury
A bronze copy after Giambologna's (1529-1608) original. 39 1/2" high, the figure of Mercury is raised up, as if aloft on a breeze created by the personification of Wind below his feet. He wears winged sandals and a winged helmet, carrying a caduceus…

The Snake Charmer
An African man, clothed in a loin cloth, stands in contrapposto with his right foot lifted. His right arm is raised to shoulder height, with elbow bent. His hand once held a flute which is now missing. His left arm is lowered and would have held a…
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