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This large balloon-like, porcelain vessel rises smoothly from a small foot, swelling at the shoulder and ending in an exceptionally small mouth. The surface has rich variations from wood firing. There is a signature carved on the bottom.

This low, lidded box is glazed a dark red. The lid and the base are approximately equal. The surface of the vessel is smooth. The shape flares very slightly at the foot and the top. There is a signature on the bottom in contrasting slip.

This thrown mug has a narrow foot and a broad belly which narrows and then flares at the mouth. The exterior has irregular, flamelike fluting fluting on the bottom half, dripping glazes and an attached handle. The signature is carved on the bottom.

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A set of two small lidded jars are made of thrown porcelain. Both have dome-like lids and warm brown exteriors. The containers have glossy interiors and are signed on the bottom.

This lidded porcelain bottle has straight sides. The narrow neck is topped by a domed stopper with a small finial. It is red brown on the sides with more golden color on the shoulder and on the lid. There is a signature carved on the bottom.

This thrown and altered stoneware bottle has a glossy, brown exterior. It stands on a small foot, is primarily columnar, narrowing at the shoulder to a short neck with a lip. There is a signature stamp on the side.

This thrown tea cup has an applied strip of clay belting it at the midpoint. The cup rests on a small foot and has a scattering of decorative designs impressed in the sides. The brown and gray surface is shiny. There is a signature stamp on the…

This yellow porcelain mug is thrown and altered. It has a small foot and is broader at the base than the mouth. There is an attached handle and the body of the mug has a a creased surface.

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Thrown and altered porcelain teabowl has deep circular indents on two sides. The bowl stands on a glossy foot and has a glossy interior. The exterior is pale with some oxidation. There is a signature stamp on the side.

This thrown and altered porcelain teabowl is evenly divided with red brown on one side and a pale surface on the other. The spherical bowl has an irregular lip and rests on a small foot. A gridlike pattern is stamped around the shoulder. There is a…