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This Greek Revival structure is Centre College’s first building. It has been used for classrooms, and as a student dormitory, a library, a law school, a cafeteria, and a grade school. During the Civil War it was used as a hospital first by…

Squat three-footed bowl with vertical ribbing on exterior. Exterior glazed in soft green and yellow ochre. Interior glazed in yellow ochre with pin sized dot pattern. Thrown and altered stoneware, multiple glazes over cracked slip. Wood-fired

Teapot with turquoise lid. Exterior of body, ochre, with ribbing. Small spout and stub handle. Stoneware, thrown and altered, white crackle slip, sand-blasted after firing.

Ochre teapot with black lid, spout and handle. Ribbing on sides of pot. Thrown and altered stoneware, wood-fired.

Lidded stoneware vessel with applied decal of winged horse (Mobil Oil Company's winged Pegasus logo)

Triangular vessel with softly rounded corners, elevated on three small feet. Three visible horizontal seams. Wood-fired with crackle surface in red and yellow ochre, some traces of green.


Mug with green foot, blue body and handle. Thin black and white banding at top and bottom. Apricot colored blooms and loosely described green leaves with black accents. Inscribed "Arbuckle" on base.


Woodfired bowl with blue interior, brown unglazed exterior.

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Thick walled bottle with two small attached handles. Wood-fired, shades of brown and gray on full bellied body while the narrow neck is pale. There is a mark carved on the side.


Set of two slab plates.Each slab is framed in cream on three sides, bounding a yellow rectangle which is decorated with calligraphic carved marks. Edges of the slabs curve up very slightly. One slab is marked with the year, the other is marked with…
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