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Teacup decorated with sgraffito and slip. Thrown and altered porcelain, the surface is decorated with panels of leaves and medallions. There is an initial carved on the bottom and the cup rests on a small foot.

This tall porcelain cup has been thrown and altered with squared sides. The cup is boldly decorated with carving, slip and black and white patterns. The cup has an active surface using both geometric and botanical patterns. There is an intial carved…

Tea bowl with brown, rust and white exterior and a green interior. This cup is made from thrown and altered porcelain. Small areas of the body pushed out from inside to form raised dots. There is a signature stamp on side of the foot.

Two sake cups. Two thrown cups have been altered and squared. These pale cups have white and tan glazes and are lifted on narrow round feet. The smaller cup is ridged while the larger one is girdled by a slight constriction. The larger cup also has a…

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Two tall stoneware cups with irregular stripes and bands of white and brown glazes. These thrown and woodfired tumblers have rough surfaces and edges. They have signature stamps on the side.

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This tall, stoneware cup is woodfired. It has a rough gray and tan surface and an irregular form. The top edge is uneven.


Seven square tea cups. Thrown and altered stoneware, woodfired. All are in shades of browns, grays, cream, and ochre. These squared cups sit on circular feet.

Bulbous cup with handle. This round-bellied brown cup has an irregular surface and a line of pink glaze dripping from the rim. The small oval handle is brown and extends up above the mouth of the cup.


Three cups in matte brown clay body with a dark green glaze on the upper part. Each cup is neatly banded with unglazed clay at its base. The cups are small, medium and large, almost like measuring cups. The forms are precise and geometric, the…

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White porcelain teapot with lid and matching cup. The teapot has a smooth high spout, relatively straight and a slightly lobed handle. The simple cup is designed to fit inverted on the teapot when not in use. It has no handle and is larger in…