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A cylindrical lidded stoneware jar with glossy, rich brown tenmoku glaze and a pale crescent mark on the side. There are small attached handles and the lid is inset with a low profile and a small knob. A signature is carved on the bottom.

This heavy lidded jar is made of stoneware. Overall the surface is brown and rustic. The side of the jar is decorated with expressive animal portraits roughly incised into the surface. The lid has no finial and rests on the shoulders of the jar.

This large black jar has a matte surface, decorated with fine horizontal lines, and a band of red at the shoulder. The lid is inset and recessed. There is a small finial knob. The interior of the vessel is red.

This wood fired, lidded vessel has a broad, low shape and a narrow foot. The top has a flattened silhouette and an inset lid. The lid has a smooth, attached knob. The exterior surface is warm reds and browns; the interior is smooth gray. There is a…

Bulbous lidded vessel. This vessel has a narrow foot, round body tapering to a small lidded opening. The lid has a rounded attached handle. The upper two thirds are matte red and textured and separated from the smooth, blue bottom third by a small…

This large, heavy, lidded vessel is roughly diamond shaped, with indented corners. This slab built form has two stacked compartments. The exterior is warm brown, the interiors are white. There is a signature stamp on bottom.

Blue lidded jar. This large, squared porcelain jar has a lid. The lid sits above the jar and has an attached circular handle . Glossy light blue glaze covers exterior and interior, pools to form stripe on middle. There are rounded corners on body,…

This glossy white porcelain lidded jar tapers from shoulder to base. The inset cone-like lid has an integral handle. The overall effect is smooth and minimal.

Lidded jar with four feet. This stoneware jar is glazed in tans and red-browns with graphic black patterning. Two small handles on the body and the handle on top of the jar are black. The jar has four small applied feet and the lid is inset into the…

Lidded jar in white with a dark lid. Wood-fired, the walls of the lid rest smoothly in alignment with the walls of the vessel. The top of the lid is dark and rises in a low cone shape


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