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This pale pitcher has red oxide highlights and a speckled surface. Thrown and altered, it is gently squared in shape, with an attached handle and spout. There is a signature stamp on the side.

This highly finished pitcher is handbuilt. Glazed in greens on the exterior, and a glossy red on the interior. The spout and handle are dark green. The body of the pitcher is balanced on three feet and has a scale-like surface. The large, smooth,…

Thrown, cut apart and reassembled, this tall pitcher has a square profile. The exterior is glazed in long, flamelike shapes in creams, browns, and reds. The spout is small and discrete while the handle of the pitcher is quite long. There is a…

This brown pitcher has striking pale pointed oval shapes on the sides. The cut and assembled stoneware has a playful, asymmetric quality. The handle and spout are applied. The spout is oversized in scale and open, like an extended lip.

Tall woodfired pitcher with tones of red, brown and buff. There is a graceful attached handle and formed spout. One side is dominated by a large splash of dripping white glaze with hints of green. The foot is broader than the body. The interior of…

Tall pitcher. This thrown stoneware pitcher is wheel thrown and glazed a glossy black. The columnar pitcher narrows slightly from waist to neck and has an attached handle.

Creamer with a saucer. This porcelain set is glazed in cream with touches of ochre and blue, especially on the handle and spout. There is loosely drawn, fine, vinelike decorative scrollwork up the side of the cup and around the edge of the saucer.…

Tall black pitcher. This porcelain piece has a luminous, dark surface and a graceful shape with a narrow foot. The handle is attached at the lip and high on the shoulder, just below the narrow neck. The flared mouth has a rounded spout.

Large full-bellied pitcher with thin olive glaze and a few blue streaks on back. The upper portion of the stoneware pitcher has horizontal ribbing. The base of the handle is attached at the largest part of the belly and hugs the neck. A signature is…


Celadon green Pitcher, slab built (part of a set with a matching tray). A broad base with four feet support this four-sided geometric pitcher which narrows as it rises. A handle is balanced by the prominent three-sided spout.
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