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This slab-built porcelain tray has a wavy surface and upturned corners. Ridges in the surface have caused glossy yellow glaze to pool in low parts. There are small cracks in the bottom of the slab.

This thick slab plate has rough edges, and is covered in glossy brown and tan glazes. The slab curves slightly upward on all sides. There are four attached feet. There is some cracking around the attachment points.

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Slab Plate. This red-brown wood-fired stoneware plate is square. It has four raised diagonal stripes scoring the face, along with remains of sea shells used as wadding during firing. The plates edges are rough. There is an artist's mark stamped on…

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Cream & sugar set. Made of slab-built porcelain, glazed in cream. These pieces have obvious seams and applied strips of porcelain.(Two pieces)

Cream and sugar set. The creamer acts as a lid for the sugar bowl, so the two parts work as one whole. The slab-built stoneware is brown with a glossy blue interior. When separated, the top piece has a purposefully unstable base. The artist's mark…

Set of two slab plates.Each slab is framed in cream on three sides, bounding a yellow rectangle which is decorated with calligraphic carved marks. Edges of the slabs curve up very slightly. One slab is marked with the year, the other is marked with…
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