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This small stoneware vessel is thrown and altered. Its squared form hovers over a narrow foot. The surface is ochre and brown. Concentric, narrow rings are incised along the foot and lower edge. A medallion filled with a ring pattern is carved…

This small blue ewer is made of thrown and altered stoneware. The smooth form has a plantlike, biomorphic quality. Both the neck and the spout taper inward. The ewer has been dipped in blue glaze which covers most of the body. There is a signature…

This small, glossy black stoneware bowl has two applied handles. The exterior is decorated with a glazed ochre and green band around the lip. This band is marked with vertical black brush strokes. The interior is glazed green. The bowl rests on a…

This heavy lidded jar is made of stoneware. Overall the surface is brown and rustic. The side of the jar is decorated with expressive animal portraits roughly incised into the surface. The lid has no finial and rests on the shoulders of the jar.

This wood fired, lidded vessel has a broad, low shape and a narrow foot. The top has a flattened silhouette and an inset lid. The lid has a smooth, attached knob. The exterior surface is warm reds and browns; the interior is smooth gray. There is a…

This round, earthenware tea bowl has a very roughly textured surface. Glazes vary from dark grays to warm browns. The tea bowl has an irregular edge and a small round foot.

This lidded stoneware box is triangular. The corners are softly rounded and it has three small applied feet. Both the interior and exterior are glazed green. The lid has subtle ridges and the sides of the box have a horizontal seam.

Small, stoneware ewer with attached handle on top and very long, open spout. The form is birdlike. The interior a glossy brown. The exterior surface is yellow-ochre, with gestural lines that imply an eye and a wing. The number '4' is painted on the…

This thrown and altered stoneware mug has softly squared sides and a small foot. The greenish glaze has vertical brown stripes on one side. An attached handle loops up above the cup edge. There is a signature stamp on the side of the foot.

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Tall pitcher. This thrown stoneware pitcher is wheel thrown and glazed a glossy black. The columnar pitcher narrows slightly from waist to neck and has an attached handle.