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This large, handbuilt teapot has a matte surface in shades of brown and red. There is a cup that doubles as a lid. The teapot is narrow at the foot, full at the belly and tapers at the shoulder. Seams in the clay have been left decoratively exposed.…

This small, dark, slab-built stoneware teapot has a crisp, geometric look. The pot is squared, the lid is flatly inset in the body. The lid is a perfect circle with a cubelike attached knob (currently detached by damage). The small spout is slightly…

This pale, round teapot has a bamboo handle, attached via two applied loops. The lid is inset, with a small, columnar knob. The short, chubby spout is smoothly attached. The bottom of the pot is flat.

This rounded teapot has a shiny pale glaze that is speckled brown. It has a lid with a knobbed finial and an attached rattan handle. The spout is attached high on the shoulder and the round body rests on an attached foot.

Three piece tea set (teapot, cup, and saucer). This porcelain set is glazed in a light green, satin glaze. The thrown teapot has an attached spout and handle. The elongated neck has a tiny lid on top. The saucer fits the teapot more closely than cup.…

Wood-fired stoneware teapot. This salt-glazed teapot is reddish-brown with a smooth, pale tan semi-circle on the side. The spout has a bulbous base. The lid is inset and has a small loop handle. The handle of the teapot is slightly darker brown.

Greenish brown teapot. This teapot is thrown and altered. It has four feet, an overall pear shape with a high handle and spout. The inset lid has a blossom shaped finial.


Teapot and mug set. The pieces have precise, geometric forms and a matte brown clay body with a solid, dark green glaze on the upper parts. Teapot has small lid at back and attached spout on top. Mug has triangular base and curved handle. Both pieces…

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Blackish salt glaze teapot. The teapot has a large looping handle and an overall hourglass shape. Thrown and altered, the lid fits snugly into the body of the teapot and has a symmetrical, dome-shaped knob. The arched spout has a modified opening.…

White porcelain teapot with lid and matching cup. The teapot has a smooth high spout, relatively straight and a slightly lobed handle. The simple cup is designed to fit inverted on the teapot when not in use. It has no handle and is larger in…
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