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This small stoneware vessel is thrown and altered. Its squared form hovers over a narrow foot. The surface is ochre and brown. Concentric, narrow rings are incised along the foot and lower edge. A medallion filled with a ring pattern is carved…

This small blue ewer is made of thrown and altered stoneware. The smooth form has a plantlike, biomorphic quality. Both the neck and the spout taper inward. The ewer has been dipped in blue glaze which covers most of the body. There is a signature…

This large black jar has a matte surface, decorated with fine horizontal lines, and a band of red at the shoulder. The lid is inset and recessed. There is a small finial knob. The interior of the vessel is red.

This rounded teapot has a shiny pale glaze that is speckled brown. It has a lid with a knobbed finial and an attached rattan handle. The spout is attached high on the shoulder and the round body rests on an attached foot.

This tall vessel is made of thrown and altered earthenware. The upper portion of the vessel flares outward beneath a loop handle. The surface is glazed in soft cream with some brown highlights. There is a signature stamp on the bottom.

This thrown and altered porcelain vessel has thin, straight walls attached to a slab base. The surface is black and tan. Black predominates but there is a sharp edged area of warm tan and brown in wrapping around one corner of the vessel.

Bulbous lidded vessel. This vessel has a narrow foot, round body tapering to a small lidded opening. The lid has a rounded attached handle. The upper two thirds are matte red and textured and separated from the smooth, blue bottom third by a small…

This vase is glossy light brown with four broad, creamy stripes. There are four small decorative bosses attached at the shoulder, placed in the middle of poured glaze stripes. The form swells at the shoulder and tapers toward the base. The interior…

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Two lidded pouring vessels nestle in a rimmed, slab built tray. The figure eight shaped tray is brown, decorated with white spots. The smaller vessel is ochre, the larger one is ochre with some turquoise glaze. Both pieces have calligraphic brush…