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This large balloon-like, porcelain vessel rises smoothly from a small foot, swelling at the shoulder and ending in an exceptionally small mouth. The surface has rich variations from wood firing. There is a signature carved on the bottom.

This lidded porcelain bottle has straight sides. The narrow neck is topped by a domed stopper with a small finial. It is red brown on the sides with more golden color on the shoulder and on the lid. There is a signature carved on the bottom.

This thrown and altered stoneware bottle has a glossy, brown exterior. It stands on a small foot, is primarily columnar, narrowing at the shoulder to a short neck with a lip. There is a signature stamp on the side.

This thrown tea cup has an applied strip of clay belting it at the midpoint. The cup rests on a small foot and has a scattering of decorative designs impressed in the sides. The brown and gray surface is shiny. There is a signature stamp on the…

This handbuilt cruet has an organic, ovoid shape with a rounded, yellow lid perched on top. The cruet has four integrated feet and a tiny spout. The lid has a small, stemlike knob. The surface of the cruet is speckled brown; the vertical…

This slab built cruet is square with a vertical spout, small handle and four integral feet. The exterior is subtle brown and tan vertical bands, overlaid with thin, green horizontal stripes around the body. The top of the spout is dark brown.

This oval, porcelain baking dish is wheel thrown and altered. The small, applied handles are ribbon-like. A satiny glaze drips down the warm brown exterior. The interior is green. There is a signature carved into the bottom.

This roughly rounded, thrown and altered vessel has no foot , no neck and a small mouth. The light red surface is matte with a few ocher and dark patches from the wood firing. The surface is rough. There is a signature stamp on the bottom.

A squat brown thrown and altered bottle with a rich red and ochre wood fired surface sits upon an unusual bisected foot. The slab base is visibly attached to the wall of the bottle. The bottle has a stubby, small neck. There is an artist's stamp on…

This tall jar has little shoulder, no foot and an open mouth. The wood firing has produced notable runs of brown and green drips, showing the piece was fired on its side. A few pieces of seashell used as wadding during firing can be seen. The walls…