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Thrown, cut apart and reassembled, this tall pitcher has a square profile. The exterior is glazed in long, flamelike shapes in creams, browns, and reds. The spout is small and discrete while the handle of the pitcher is quite long. There is a…

This pale, round teapot has a bamboo handle, attached via two applied loops. The lid is inset, with a small, columnar knob. The short, chubby spout is smoothly attached. The bottom of the pot is flat.

This tall vessel is made of thrown and altered earthenware. The upper portion of the vessel flares outward beneath a loop handle. The surface is glazed in soft cream with some brown highlights. There is a signature stamp on the bottom.

Tall woodfired pitcher with tones of red, brown and buff. There is a graceful attached handle and formed spout. One side is dominated by a large splash of dripping white glaze with hints of green. The foot is broader than the body. The interior of…
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