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This large black jar has a matte surface, decorated with fine horizontal lines, and a band of red at the shoulder. The lid is inset and recessed. There is a small finial knob. The interior of the vessel is red.

This pale, round teapot has a bamboo handle, attached via two applied loops. The lid is inset, with a small, columnar knob. The short, chubby spout is smoothly attached. The bottom of the pot is flat.

Woodfired teabowl emphasizes its handmade quality with a distinctly asymmetrical profile. The rustic surface is speckled with iron oxide, horizontal ridges in the body are at odds with the subtly off-plumb lip. The earthenware body rests on a small…

This wood fired, lidded vessel has a broad, low shape and a narrow foot. The top has a flattened silhouette and an inset lid. The lid has a smooth, attached knob. The exterior surface is warm reds and browns; the interior is smooth gray. There is a…

This rounded teapot has a shiny pale glaze that is speckled brown. It has a lid with a knobbed finial and an attached rattan handle. The spout is attached high on the shoulder and the round body rests on an attached foot.

This tall vessel is made of thrown and altered earthenware. The upper portion of the vessel flares outward beneath a loop handle. The surface is glazed in soft cream with some brown highlights. There is a signature stamp on the bottom.

Tall woodfired pitcher with tones of red, brown and buff. There is a graceful attached handle and formed spout. One side is dominated by a large splash of dripping white glaze with hints of green. The foot is broader than the body. The interior of…

This small, round stoneware bottle is roughly made and has a small neck. Wood-fired, the varied surface is shades of brown. There is a signature stamp on the side.

Tea bowl with brown, rust and white exterior and a green interior. This cup is made from thrown and altered porcelain. Small areas of the body pushed out from inside to form raised dots. There is a signature stamp on side of the foot.

This slab-built porcelain tray has a wavy surface and upturned corners. Ridges in the surface have caused glossy yellow glaze to pool in low parts. There are small cracks in the bottom of the slab.