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Amos Glass Collection


A collection of approximately 250 pieces of early 20th century American and European art glass,. A gift to Centre College from Nancy Hensley Amos and Ralph Amos.


American and European decorative glass objects

Collection Items

Glass bowl with  yellow and green flower and foliage decoration
Yellow and green glass bowl, large throat, small lip,belly and small foot, yellow and green with acid cutback, unsigned, flower and branch decoration

Glass bowl, spherical, jade green
Glass bowl, spherical, jade green with acid-cut matsu pattern of foliage

Lamp with leaded shade, black-eyed Susan pattern, signed Tiffany Studios on shade
Lamp with leaded glass shade, shades of yellow and green, 16" diameter, not with original base.

Lamp, tangerine and gold, pulled feather technique on shade and applied thread pattern on base
Durand lamp and base, tangerine and gold, pulled feather design, overall h. 17"

Glass lamp shade on brass base,
Plum colored, ribbed, bell shaped lamp shade by Durand Glass, in the color known as Lady Gay Rose, set on a brass metal base, electrified. 17" diameter.

Glass vase, iridescent blue and silver with flared neck
Iridescent blue and silver vase with pulled hearts and vines decoration, flared neck.

Vase, mother of pearl with swirling pattern
Vase with mother of pearl, octopus pattern.White opal ground covered with with dark brown overlay and air channels within clear casing; squiggly painted gold decoration.

Candy dish, large foot, knob, lid with three finger finial, aurene glass
Iridescent golden lidded vessel with three-part finial, 14" x 5", signed Steuben

Pitcher with two tumblers, peachblow glass
A pitcher with two tumblers, one satin finish and one glossy. Made in peachblow glass which fades from cream to rose.

Monumental gold vase
Vase, large, iridescent gold, small lip, no foot, 13 x 6 1/2"
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