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American Art Nouveau Glass

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In the fall semester of 2015, Mollie Hansen, '16 curated an exhibition from Centre College's Amos Glass Collection. Under the supervision of Professor Amy Frederick. Hansen selected works representing a wide variety of art glass techniques. Since she is both a studio glass artist and an art history major, she was able to bring an extra dimension to her research.

Many of the works were in the Art Nouveau style.  This exhibition in the Aegon Gallery of the Jones Visual Art Center was accompanied by a public lecture discussing American and European glass style in the early 20th century. Hansen gained broad experience in organizing an exhibit, producing didactic material, lighting an exhibit and public speaking.  

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Out of the Ashes: Wood-fired Ceramics


Centre College's Minnesota ceramics collection contains some fine examples of wood-fired pottery, an ancient process which produces unpredictable and serendipitous surfaces through the interplay of ash, air, and fire. 

In this exhibit, we will learn how to read the surface of a vessel and recognize the hallmarks of this distinctive firing technique.


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