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Pit Firing
Professor Jia and her students build and fire a pit kiln.

Wood-fired Teapot
Thrown and assembled teapot. This red-ocher teapot has a squared foot with a rounded, bulbous body. The lid overhangs the pot and has an attached knob. The loop handle attaches high on the shoulder. The short, narrow spout is attached by an much…

Wood-fired Pitcher
This tall, wheel-thrown pitcher narrows at the shoulder. The handle attaches at the top of the neck and at the waist. The surface is a deep burnished red at the throat and below the waist with tans and browns above the belly.

Globe Vessel
This rustic round wood-fired vessel swells at the belly and narrows at the neck. The surface is roughly finished, as is the opening of the neck.

Tall Vessel
This tall, wood-fired vessel narrows modestly at the foot and the neck. The neck has a small lip. Fired on its side, the surface has extensive dripping from wood ash, and some orange-peel texture at the shoulder. The colors are subdued browns and…

Round Vessel
This round vessel has a prominent lip at the small opening of the neck. Overall the surface is golden with extensive dark brown dripping on the neck and shoulders. There is a large pale spot on the underside of the belly.

Wood-fired teabowl

Interior of an Anagama kiln being fired
Interior of an Anagama kiln being fired

Squat three-footed bowl
Squat three-footed bowl with vertical ribbing on exterior. Exterior glazed in soft green and yellow ochre. Interior glazed in yellow ochre with pin sized dot pattern. Thrown and altered stoneware, multiple glazes over cracked slip. Wood-fired

Dark teapot with turquoise lid
Teapot with turquoise lid. Exterior of body, ochre, with ribbing. Small spout and stub handle. Stoneware, thrown and altered, white crackle slip, sand-blasted after firing.
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