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This narrow, oval handbuilt vase has a deeply ridged surface. The walls are thick and the surface is darkly colored. The form is organic, and somewhat tulip shaped, narrowing at the foot and the mouth.

This pale pitcher has red oxide highlights and a speckled surface. Thrown and altered, it is gently squared in shape, with an attached handle and spout. There is a signature stamp on the side.

This white, hourglass shaped ewer has a black decorative pattern around the middle and bordering the lid. The wheel thrown and altered ewer has a graceful spout attached to the lower half of the body. The lid is smooth and shallow with a small…

This hand-built, red triangular box has diagonal linear incising over both the lid and body. The lid fits seamlessly on the three footed body. The piece is heavy for its size and has a signature stamp low on the side.

This large green, wheel thrown ewer (part 1) sits upon a matching stand. The ewer is round, with an attached circular handle and arcing spout. The ewer narrows at the ridged neck, and has a flared, cuplike mouth. (Part 2) The foot of the stand and…

This small, lidded ewer has an attached spout and and a shallow lid. The surface is red bown and speckled with glossy shoulders. There is a signature stamp on the back near the top edge.

Craik House is the home of Centre College's president. It is a two-story brick Italianate mansion with a Greek Revival facade and portico, built in the 1850s. Located at 763 West Main Street, in Danville, Kentucky, this building is listed on the…

This watering can has an attached spout and handle. The surface is red brown and glossy. The spout is long in relation to the body and points upward. The bottom of the vessel is notably arched. There is a signature stamp on the back below the…

A cylindrical lidded stoneware jar with glossy, rich brown tenmoku glaze and a pale crescent mark on the side. There are small attached handles and the lid is inset with a low profile and a small knob. A signature is carved on the bottom.

This small, globe-like vase is made of thrown stoneware with a glossy glaze on the interior and exterior. The glaze has an irregular, overall pattern in muted browns. There is a signature carved on the bottom.
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