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This large plate has an intricate pattern. The center is filled with a small grid, each medallion contains a squared spiral. The rim of the plate has an elaborate border of delicate raylike brush strokes, surrounded by a dark band at the edge and…

This slab-built porcelain tray has a wavy surface and upturned corners. Ridges in the surface have caused glossy yellow glaze to pool in low parts. There are small cracks in the bottom of the slab.

Slab Plate. This red-brown wood-fired stoneware plate is square. It has four raised diagonal stripes scoring the face, along with remains of sea shells used as wadding during firing. The plates edges are rough. There is an artist's mark stamped on…

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Platter with highly varied glazes, both sprayed and dipped. There are creams, reds, and greens on the interior and metallic black on the rim. The flat rim has raised decorations. There is a signature carved into bottom

Square plate. This plate is glazed in bold graphic sections in creams, browns and black. The raised rim of the plate has two black corners and two small section marked with black triangles. Bold black graphic marks decorate the surface, including a…


Thrown plate with high, angled sides and three small pinches on the edge. The creamy tan center of the plate is glazed with red flowers on green leafy stems. The plate is signed on the bottom.

Slab built rectangular platter with a painterly brown, white and red ochre surface. The edges and shape of the platter are rustic and irregular. The white glaze is calligraphic.

Slab built rectangular plate with a painterly brown and white surface. The edges are irregular

Slab built reddish square plate with blotches of green and white glaze. Surface and edges of the plate are left deliberately rough.