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This rough, rectangular tea bowl has a dark base and a pale body which has been dipped in white slip. The top edge of the bowl peaks at the corners and the base sits upon small feet.

This slab built tea bowl is glossy black and has a rough surface and edge. Rectangular in shape, it rests upon a small, round foot.

This small, slab built tea bowl has a rough, pale, glossy surface. The bottom is supported by three ridges.

This slab built tea bowl is square with a rough surface. It sits on a small, square foot. The edge of the bowl is irrregular, the surface is black with some red circles.

This thrown tea cup has an applied strip of clay belting it at the midpoint. The cup rests on a small foot and has a scattering of decorative designs impressed in the sides. The brown and gray surface is shiny. There is a signature stamp on the…

Thrown and altered porcelain teabowl has deep circular indents on two sides. The bowl stands on a glossy foot and has a glossy interior. The exterior is pale with some oxidation. There is a signature stamp on the side.

This thrown and altered porcelain teabowl is evenly divided with red brown on one side and a pale surface on the other. The spherical bowl has an irregular lip and rests on a small foot. A gridlike pattern is stamped around the shoulder. There is a…

This thrown and altered stoneware tea bowl has squared corners. Two of the corners have decorative gouges. The surface alternates panels of dark glazes in greens and browns. The foot has two triangular notches removed. There is an artist's stamp on…

This teabowl has a cream colored base topped by a glossy green and blue glaze with some irregular drips. The bowl sits on a flared foot and curves in at the lip. The interior is glazed glossy green deepening to blue in the base. Made of thrown and…

Woodfired teabowl emphasizes its handmade quality with a distinctly asymmetrical profile. The rustic surface is speckled with iron oxide, horizontal ridges in the body are at odds with the subtly off-plumb lip. The earthenware body rests on a small…
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