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This teabowl has a cream colored base topped by a glossy green and blue glaze with some irregular drips. The bowl sits on a flared foot and curves in at the lip. The interior is glazed glossy green deepening to blue in the base. Made of thrown and…

Woodfired teabowl emphasizes its handmade quality with a distinctly asymmetrical profile. The rustic surface is speckled with iron oxide, horizontal ridges in the body are at odds with the subtly off-plumb lip. The earthenware body rests on a small…

Tea bowl with brown, rust and white exterior and a green interior. This cup is made from thrown and altered porcelain. Small areas of the body pushed out from inside to form raised dots. There is a signature stamp on side of the foot.

This round, earthenware tea bowl has a very roughly textured surface. Glazes vary from dark grays to warm browns. The tea bowl has an irregular edge and a small round foot.

Seven square tea cups. Thrown and altered stoneware, woodfired. All are in shades of browns, grays, cream, and ochre. These squared cups sit on circular feet.

Tea bowl. Thrown and altered porcelain with ochre and black exterior. The teacup has slightly convex walls and the cup rests on a small foot. The lip is black with a pale red ochre interior.