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This vase has a round foot and long neck but a flattened body with an hourglass silhouette. Glazed in glossy green on the sides, the matte brown body is decorated with black lines and dots. This work is thrown, altered, and assembled.


This vase is glossy light brown with four broad, creamy stripes. There are four small decorative bosses attached at the shoulder, placed in the middle of poured glaze stripes. The form swells at the shoulder and tapers toward the base. The interior…

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Long neck vase. This thrown, porcelain vase is glazed in glossy white. The base is altered with three subtle corners, marked by small stamp motifs at the shoulder. There is a long, narrow neck. The vase has a signature stamp on the side.

Amphora shaped white porcelain vase. The body is ribbed. The applied handles are smoothly attached at the top and have small decorative returns where they attach at the shoulder.

This vase narrows slightly above the shoulder and has a short, open neck. The surface is rough, gray and pitted with some red marking. Wood-fired.