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Images of the exhibition curated by Mollie Hansen, '16 in the Jones Visual Art Center, Fall 2015. Pieces of art glass in the Art Nouveau style were chosen from the Amos Glass Collection.

Mollie Hansen, '16, speaks in December 2015 about Art Glass and Art Nouveau as it related to her curation of an exhibit selected from the Amos Glass Collection. Professor Amy Frederick mentored Hansen through the project.

Poster for Mollie.pdf
Poster for an exhibit, Novemeber 13 through December 3, 2015 in the Aegon Gallery, Jones Visual Art Center. Curated by student Mollie Hansesn, '16, which drew from works in the Amos Glass Collection. Project overseen by Professor Amy Frederick.

Iridescent golden lidded vessel with three-part finial, 14" x 5", signed Steuben

Vase with mother of pearl, octopus pattern.White opal ground covered with with dark brown overlay and air channels within clear casing; squiggly painted gold decoration.

Lamp with leaded glass shade, shades of yellow and green, 16" diameter, not with original base.

Glass bowl, spherical, jade green with acid-cut matsu pattern of foliage
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