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This small, thrown and altered, stoneware rock form vessel is decorated in black slip. It has simple, white, graphic lines carved into the surface and circling the off-center opening of the vessel. There is a a signature and an artist's mark on the…

(3) Rock form vessels, the largest is glazed black with manganese, one is tan and slightly squared, the smallest one is gray with a linear white decoration around the opening. These thrown and altered stoneware forms are typical of Shaner's highly…

This stoneware vessel is shaped like a smoothly rounded river rock. It has a very small offcenter opening and balances on a small flat spot. The surface is dark with glossy black manganese glaze markings. There is a signature carved on the bottom and…

This large green, wheel thrown ewer (part 1) sits upon a matching stand. The ewer is round, with an attached circular handle and arcing spout. The ewer narrows at the ridged neck, and has a flared, cuplike mouth. (Part 2) The foot of the stand and…

This small, lidded ewer has an attached spout and and a shallow lid. The surface is red bown and speckled with glossy shoulders. There is a signature stamp on the back near the top edge.

This watering can has an attached spout and handle. The surface is red brown and glossy. The spout is long in relation to the body and points upward. The bottom of the vessel is notably arched. There is a signature stamp on the back below the…

This small, globe-like vase is made of thrown stoneware with a glossy glaze on the interior and exterior. The glaze has an irregular, overall pattern in muted browns. There is a signature carved on the bottom.

This tall, porcelain vase has an hourglass shape. Wheel thrown and altered, the upper part is pale with drippy, glossy black running from the rim; the bottom is light brown. The interior is glossy black. There is a signature on the bottom. (There is…

This large balloon-like, porcelain vessel rises smoothly from a small foot, swelling at the shoulder and ending in an exceptionally small mouth. The surface has rich variations from wood firing. There is a signature carved on the bottom.

This lidded porcelain bottle has straight sides. The narrow neck is topped by a domed stopper with a small finial. It is red brown on the sides with more golden color on the shoulder and on the lid. There is a signature carved on the bottom.
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