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Two sake cups. Two thrown cups have been altered and squared. These pale cups have white and tan glazes and are lifted on narrow round feet. The smaller cup is ridged while the larger one is girdled by a slight constriction. The larger cup also has a…

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Large thrown brown bowl with flattened sides. The exterior has incised linear decoration resembling the veining in flower petals. There is a signature carved into bottom. One side has been broken off and repaired, small chips still missing.

Animal form bowl. This low, red-brown bowl has a dragonlike head and tail which create a spout and a handle. Dark gray patterns further emphasize animalistic elements. The artist's signature is painted on bottom.

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Bronze copy after the famous ancient statue by Leochares. Apollo's head is wreathed. He is naked but for a cape over his extended right arm, and a pair of sandals. The right hand is holding a small baton. Apollo's head is turned to the right. The…

This small, glossy black stoneware bowl has two applied handles. The exterior is decorated with a glazed ochre and green band around the lip. This band is marked with vertical black brush strokes. The interior is glazed green. The bowl rests on a…

Black thrown and altered porcelain cup with faceted panels. Black panels alternate with amber panels decorated with simple brushmarks. Artist signature is on the bottom of the cup.

Black ewer with conical lid, small looping handle and high spout. The form is decorated with a thin red oval line on the side. The body of the ewer has an organic, elongated lobed shape.

Blue lidded jar. This large, squared porcelain jar has a lid. The lid sits above the jar and has an attached circular handle . Glossy light blue glaze covers exterior and interior, pools to form stripe on middle. There are rounded corners on body,…

Woodfired bowl with blue interior, brown unglazed exterior.

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This vase has a round foot and long neck but a flattened body with an hourglass silhouette. Glazed in glossy green on the sides, the matte brown body is decorated with black lines and dots. This work is thrown, altered, and assembled.